Our Sales Policies
For your puppy's well being and your peace of mind.
 We live on a small ranch about 25 minutes South of Fort Worth and raise World Show winning Gypsy Horses
 as well as extremely high quality dogs.
High quality offspring can only come from exception parentage. 
We are a breeder willing to invest the time and effort and money to provide for the complete care of the offspring,
both physical and psychological, and give the offspring a jump start on a happy healthy life.
Because of these efforts your pups will have all of the appropriate veterinary care,
the joys of begin born into a loving household with all of the fresh air, exercise, and appropriate social skills.
Your pups will learn the advantages of going "outside" to go to the bathroom
as taught to them by their mothers and continued by this breeder.

Because of our efforts to provide you with an exceptional puppy, we ask a few things of you also.
Please make sure you have the appropriate time to give to a puppy
rather than making an impulse decision because the "puppy is cute".

The first year of a dog's life is a LOT of time and work.

  Chewing on appropriate items, learning to go to the bathroom in the appropriate place,
learning the socially acceptable nuances of your home, coming when called, etc.
are YOUR job to teach your puppy.
We will have started this for you, but you must be willing to continue for ONE YEAR.

That is the magical time when a puppy becomes a well behaved dog.

There are no BAD DOGS.......there are only BAD OWNERS  !

If your home is the correct and safe place and this is the right time in your life to add a puppy,
we would be very happy to work with you to select your new companion and family member.
But please make sure it is.

Frequently Asked Questions Below

1.  When can the pups come home ?
We prefer that the pups stay with us until they are eight weeks old if picked up.  And ten weeks old to ship.  We are expert shippers.  We can monitor their health and socialization and make sure this is the right pup for your environment.    

2.  Can we come visit your kennel ?
We actually don't have a "kennel", pups are living in my personal home.  We are a working breeding horse ranch and the parents of the pups are my family living in my house and working the ranch. Your pups are raised inside our home, on our back porch, out in the yard, out on the ranch property, etc.   Our Mother dogs are very protective of their pups ( as they should be ) and aren't fond of people they don't know picking up their pups. Additionally it is a health issue for each pup, before pups have all of their immunity shots, to not be handled by just everyone.  Parvo is rampant and deadly.  I will be providing you a strong healthy pup checked by Veterinarian and with first shots, worming, and vet check.   In order to do this we can't allow strangers to just come out and play with your young pup. We take TONS of photos of each pup and there are videos and photos of our parents on the website and we will add more also.  E-Mail HERE for info.  Or call us at 817-297-9292.

One additional comment.......we post the MANY pictures of each pup so you can choose that way.  There is NO DIFFERENCE in the pups' personalitities.  One is not "more outgoing" or " fatter / thinner / taller / shorter / more outgoing".  ALL of the pups are identical with the MINOR coloring variance being the slightest difference.    They are raised by their Mothers and me and what they become as adult dogs is up to you and your environment.  If I turned loose a pack of puppies running around the yard....you could NOT pick one out...it would be a case of "Where's Waldo" :)    So choosing from photos is the ONLY way for you to really see the color variations.

Further.......I'd be outside all day long with people wanting to " come see the puppies ".........I have to watch that with the horses and pups.  We are NOT a Petting Zoo.  Thanks for your understanding.

 3.  Do you own and can we see both parents ?
Yes and Yes to both questions.   Our "breeder dogs" (incorrect choice of words) are our family members and live their happy lives on our ranch. I am happy for you to see the parents when you pick up your pup. There are MANY pictures and videos of my personal dogs on this website in the mean time.   I'm very proud of my dogs :)

4.  Is there a health guarantee ?
We absolutely want your new puppy to be the happy healthy family member you paid for and we of course provide a health guarantee.  We will be happy to discuss the details and if you are a serious buyer we will send you a contract to review also.  Also, your pups will leave here with all of their age appropriate shots and worming and Veterinarian checkup.  I can certainly do all of this myself but want you to feel comfortable that a Veterinarian has checked out your pup's health and you will receive this paperwork.  We expect you will keep up the appropriate health care after the pup leaves us.

5.  Can we breed these pups ?
We are not selling these pups as breeders but rather as happy family pets.  So NO, they do not sell with breeding rights.  These pups are SO very popular I live in deathly fear one of them will end up in a puppy mill.  My adoption agreement is VERY strict about this and we WILL prosecute.  Our aim is to provide our pups a happy healthy forever home.

PLEASE NOTE........We WILL verify and make legal demands of proof of neutering at the appropriate time for your pup.  We are very adamant about this and don't take it lightly.   Thanks for your understanding.

If you are interested in a "breeder", please ask us so we can discuss that situation as that is not the conditions of sale of these pups.  GypsyHorses@Live.com
6.  Do you take deposits for future litters?
I know that is a common practice to take money for "future litters", but that has always made me uncomfortable until I KNOW that a litter is here FOR SURE. I will put you on a waiting list and then accept deposits shortly after the pups are born and I know for sure how many healthy pups are available.  I never want to disappoint anyone and the pups DO go quickly.  Email to be put on a waiting list for next pups.  Pups are chosen in order of contracts and deposits.   GypsyHorses@Live.com

7.  Do you ship ?
Shipping young puppies by air could be stressful for them so we don't ship before they are ten weeks old.  We are expert shippers and know the appropriate health paperwork and shipping requirements from the airline.  We live 25 minutes South of Fort Worth.     817-297-9292.   Thanks, your pup's health is our main concern.

If your question isn't answered here, please contact us by E-MAIL or call 817-297-9292

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