Australian Multigen Parti-Colored Labradoodle Puppies
Lovingly Ranch Raised along side our World Show winning Gypsy Horses.
 A Wizards Spell Ranch
In Burleson, Texas
Home of World Show winning foundation Gypsy Horse stock imported from England and raised here in Texas
is pleased and proud to present
 Our Fabulous Australian Multi-Gen Non-Shedding Hypo-allergenic
Labradoodle Pups
These are the REAL THING.....NOT a cross bred.


The pups have arrived !
Two of my girls have synced up their cycles
 and we had two litters - one 7-18 and one 7-19-2017.

All are Parti-Colored and should mature approx. 25-30#
All sell with a "must be neutered" contract.
(Since they will be neutered, there is no difference between boys and girls).

Pups are $1900 for the Black and White and
$2100 for the rarer genetic Chocolate and White.

They can go home at eight weeks if picked up and ten weeks if shipped.

CLICK photos below to see the nine pups and who is available.   or call 817-297-9292
We should first make sure that what I have fits your needs and vice versa.



Silly Past Pups Video

 More Past Pups Photos - CLICK HERE

Our pups are also used in therapy/service programs......including ours for our veteran therapy program with our horses too.


More past pups pictures below.
All of our PAST Labradoodle pups have been sold.
From the looks of these past one of a kind amazing pups below you can easily see why.

A Few More Past pups


Previous Labradoodle Pups Video             Video Previous Labradoodle pups at 3.5 weeks old         
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